I have studied within many different yoga traditions and find each of these paths informative and transformational.  Mor & mor...

MorYoga - David MorenoI am teaching Deep Flow Yoga, which combines the principles and practices of Yin, Vinyasa, Anusara, and Bihar schools of yoga.  It isn’t my intention to brand yet another style of yoga, but a singular style or discipline doesn’t reflect my practices and teaching style.  Ultimately, I am teaching - - Hatha yoga - - in the classic sense, based on seasons and conditions, time of day, including the time we are in our life.  It is important to me that students have a direct experience – feel more – with what they are doing rather than jumping through a rapid sweaty choreography or becoming attached to what they think yoga is.

David (Abhimanyu) Moreno, RYT 500

"David Moreno is one of the most know- ledgeable, fun, artistic, and sweet-hearted teachers that I know. If you want your body to shine and your heart to laugh, then David Moreno is your guide."

John Friend
Universal Principles of Hatha Yoga

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Deliberate Stillness Retreat

Enter the green silence of kriya, pranayama, and meditation practices. Delve into deep flow yoga and yoga nidra towards a replenished you.

Enchanted Retreat New Mexico

Come experience this high altitude Zen center with it's natural hot springs, clear clear arid night skies, beautiful Sutra Hal, and town that is a little over three blocks long.

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Yoga Nidra: Green Gultch Farm Zen Center

Yoga Nidra Download

This relaxing Yoga Nidra was presented during the - Silent Green Retreat - at Green Gultch Farm Zen Center, in Marin California. Marin, California July, 2013

Yoga for Cyclists: Post-Ride Practices


World-class yoga instructor, David Moreno, presents Yoga for Cyclists: Post-Ride Practices.  The material assembled in Yoga for Cyclists was developed for training and rehabbing professional cyclis

Yoga for Cyclists: Pre-Ride Practices


World-class yoga instructor, David Moreno, presents Yoga for Cyclists: Pre-Ride Practices. This material was developed for training and rehabbing professional cyclists and runners.

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Deep Flow: What is Hip?

The hips are our moving center, our actions and dharma in the world. This center is supported by a number of muscle groups that can be approached from all sorts of directions, held statically, or moved through in repetition. This engaging sequence uses a particular set of postures to help lubricate and free up this vital center while playfully challenging students to go deeper. You'll break a sweat and feel more fluid and open by the time you collapse in savasana.

Happy Healthy Neck and Shoulders

In this short online yoga class are simple and effective practices for reducing tension in the neck and shoulders. The types of postures and sequences are based on a variety of different yoga practices and put together in an intelligent and simple sequence. These postures will create greater circulation and realign tendons to joints. Since most of us stress this part of our bodies just from computer usage alone, all levels of students are capable of benefiting from this unique practice.

Deep Flow: Digging In The Deep

This profound side bending, lateral sequence of postures moves at a steady pace, allowing for a progression into an interior landscape of sensation, pulsation, and inner rhythm. It challenges practitioners to go beyond mindless, automatic, yoga practices in order to experience the subtle levels of prana shakti - life force. Take as much time as your body requires when transitioning from one pose to the next, as this particular sequence will continue to generate profound unfolding, liberating internal movement and sensation beyond the pose itself. Chances are good you'll sleep well when finished with this online yoga practice.

Healthy Joints for Your Sport

Protect and prolong your joints' usage through a simple sequence taken from various yoga lineages that focus on joint health. This online yoga class is particularly good for sports enthusiasts for pre-event and long-term maintenance.

Happy Healthy Backs

In this short online yoga practice are both therapeutic and deep back lengthening postures from several different yoga traditions and healing modalities. All of us, regardless of our experience with asana, can benefit from this particular sequence and types of asana. For those with ongoing tension in the lower back, you will find sustained relief and postures that you practice more than once a day. This is not recommended for people suffering from severe or chronic back pain. Restorative and calming, Happy Healthy Backs is a deep practice for all levels.

Surya, Chandra, & Bhumi Namaskar & The Four Directions

Sun Salutations are but one of the flow sequences that are based upon a prostration - a humbling of one's self before a power greater than one's self - be that a king, a great spiritual teacher, a sacred mountain, river, tree, or to the giver of life, the sun. While most yogis are familiar with Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar), few know the philosophy behind it or the variety of sun salutes. Fewer yogis are learned in Moon Salutations (Chandra Namaskar) or Earth Salutations (Bhumi Namaskar). Each of these sequences has its own philosophy and practices and come from yoga's nature based, or shamanic based foundation and can be done daily.